My name is Brooke. I am born and raised in Melbourne. I have been working in the cosmetic industry since 2010 where I found my love and passion for all thing’s beauty. I realised that what I did was more than a job, it was an extension of myself.
My career took a different path when an opportunity arose to step into an Area Management roll. I instantly connected with the values and the vision of the company's I worked in and for the clients. The team we cared for became family. I soon realised I had been missing hands on work, so I began working for myself and I have never looked back.

I would say 'skin' has always been my biggest passion but in all my years working in the industry, I would now say my biggest passion is making people feel and look the best they can. Being confident in the skin you wear every day, the smallest change to your look can be life changing and I want to be apart of that every step of the way!

I did my training at BHA Hair and Beauty Academy and have undertaken many other short courses over the years to keep my skills and knowledge abreast of the latest tech and services.

At LBBC we specialise in 3 main services, advanced skin treatments, teeth whitening and SMP (scalp micro pigmentation which is hair loss treatment to provide immediate results to baldness).

I recently started SMP on a close family member who had serious insecurities regarding his hair loss. We looked at many hair treatments and all were either unaffordable or had months to years of recovery. I wanted to help him, so I began my research and came across SMP. It was the most affordable and effective way to bring back his confidence. He is now the happiest he has been in years.

The future of LBBC is to help all men and women look their best, feel their best and be the most confident in how they look every day! I do not promise the impossible and I am extremely honest when it comes to what I can offer to treat your concerns. It will bring me no grater joy to be the person that changes your life.