SMP Treatments (Immediate Hair Loss Treatment)

Scalp Micro-pigmentation also known as SMP, is a hair loss treatment that provides immediate results.
How Does It Work?
SMP is a technique that inserts a specially formulated mineral pigment into the scalp.
What Is The Result?
As per the images, the treatment provides spectacular results to a range of problems when it comes to hair loss; balding, thinning. and receding. The results create a complete buzz cut look to a once completely bald head. The technique replicates the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. It is a non-surgical cosmetic tattoo.
What Are Some Other Positives?
If you're thinning or receding, SMP adds natural-looking density and can also re-establish your hairline. SMP also has the ability to effectively fill alopecia patches, restore male and female pattern baldness, cover scars and fix head tattoos.
Have you had a negative journey with SMP? We can fix that..
We have clients come to us after having an awful journey with other SMP providers. We implore you to contact us so we can help to get your confidence back. We have been trained by the leading SMP organisation in Australia, Hairline Solutions. A part of those training systems we were educated to fix these issues. Let us help.